Roshanna New York

Abused & Misused

So many children taken at this very moment that we will never find.

Dear Mr. President,

There are so many different types of child abuse. Sex trafficking, rape, torture, brutal beatings, drugged, mentally manipulated, sex slaves, child pornography. So many that we wouldn’t even think of. So many children taken at this very moment that we will never find. Too many children that are being taken that many will ever know were taken. Too many that most people will never know were raped. Too many that so many will ever know were abused. A child at this very moment feels helpless that he or she will never be saved. Children that have a chance to be saved but are too manipulated to speak.

We must help. We must help these children see. Children who are too afraid to speak. I propose a Child Abuse Awareness Month, and Child Abuse Awareness Walks. These events should occur in every part of the world because child abuse occurs in every place in the world.

Please Help,


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