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Saving Our World- Global Warming

Global Warming is a catastrophic problem that needs to be solved. If not taken seriously, our world will be in a deep problem.

Dear Future President,

I have come to you to emphasize a serious problem most Americans are not aware of or taking seriously. This catastrophic problem is called Global Warming. Global Warming is the gradual heating of the earth's surface. According to LiveScience, the earth's temperature has risen 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people think “so what”. They don’t understand why this is such a grave problem. This is where you come in Future President. Global Warming doesn’t sound very important, but it is. In fact, according to TIME science, Malaria, the disease that kills nearly 650,000 people, is caused by Global Warming. Future president, you can help by acknowledging the issue and just by announcing the little things we can do in daily life that will help tackle our dangerous problem of Global Warming.

I believe that to help with Global Warming, we must overcome our first biggest obstacle in our way. Pollution. Pollution is a big factor involving global warming. Pollution leads to carbon emissions being put in the air which contributes to the increase of the earth's atmosphere. Putting carbon emissions into the air is usually balanced by the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, but there is too much carbon in the air now for the carbon levels to be balanced. Why is there so much carbon in the air you may ask Future President? Well, the answer is simple. Humans. We burn so many fossil fuels that it leads to the excess amount of carbon being put into the air. Fossil Fuels are being burned and we don't even realize it. In our everyday life, whether we are driving to school or turning on the heat, stuff like this are regular activities involving burning fossil fuel. According to BlueSkyModel for every gallon of gasoline burned 18.07 pounds of carbon dioxide is being produced. Future President, I do understand that this is the 21st century and industrial production is to its height but changing simple things in our daily lives can help. According to you can save about 2000 lbs of carbon dioxide just by adjusting the heat. Public Transportation is also a good idea. We can give people more public transportation methods so that less gasoline is burned which results in less pollution.

Deforestation is a major problem in the United States. A lot of houses, communities, and factories are being made and millions of trees are being wiped out. Deforestation affects global warming big time. The Climate Research Facility claims that Deforestation plays a big role in Global Warming because “the destruction of living trees reduced the amount of photosynthesis, and photosynthesis encourages the exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen.” I am going to argue that cutting down trees for our own pleasures and benefits is incorrect. Not only is it not good for our well-being but it affects the climate that could endanger many animal species. There are cases where we have to cut down trees to establish big facilities and industries but how can we even take advantage of those facilities and industries when there’s not much air to breathe or we can not go outside due to the excess heat and carbon in the air. National Geographic says “Forest soils are moist, but without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out.” This illustrates that without the trees our agricultural production won’t be as high. Future president, you have the supreme power you can establish rules and laws protecting some areas of trees. Another thing we can do is, for every tree we cut down we plant a new tree. That way, our soil is fresh and our agricultural industry is the best ever!

Methane gases are dangerous for our environment. According to Environmental Defense Fund, “About 25% of the man-made Global Warming we are experiencing today is caused by methane emissions.” Methane emissions are emissions coming out from leaks of gases. This is usually caused by humans. Methane gases also come from livestock and agriculture. EDF says that methane emissions could be more dangerous than the carbon emissions which illustrates that this is a big deal. They said, “...methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.” Methane usually comes from oil and gas industries. I do understand that we can not necessarily stop the methane leaks or control the livestock but Future president, if we do not start doing something now global warming will go to its heights. We can not make everybody suffer like this. Global Warming can change our lifestyles, businesses, and personal life. Future President, you can make laws and regulation controlling how much methane can be produced. You can set limits to the methane emissions coming from big factories such as oil, and gas. Also, we should use more solar energy and take advantage of the sun's radiation. Overall, I think humans should watch and control how much pollution they are putting into the air, and they should be warned ahead of time of the consequences that can occur.

In all, I think that Americans should be aware of the biggest problem of Global Warming. Global Warming is the cause of the extinctions of many Animal species and has messed up many ecosystems. Pollution, Deforestation, Methane Emissions are all activities we humans engage in. Though, we can gradually stop all of those problems. Future president, together you and the whole country can help tackle this challenge. Together we can hear the birds singing the wonderful praises of the clean, non-polluted country. Together we can give polar bears a home. Together we can stop diseases and save millions of American lives. Together we will work on making America the best and control the crisis of Global Warming.




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