Noah T. Minnesota

Save the World

As president it is imperative that you pass regulations and acts to help combat global warming.

Dear Future President,

I congratulate you on your impressive win, but the time for celebration is over. There are many issues that are currently trending in society. One of the hottest topics is the debate on global warming and whether or not it truly affects our climate. My view is not on whether or not it is real, but how it is killing our environment. I am writing this letter hoping that this will change your view and help to combat global warming. The sea level is rising at a rate of 3.4mm, according to NASA’s climate page, a year meaning that we are losing our icebergs and animals in these areas and this needs to change.

For years climate change has been debated and for years people have tried to pass laws to help combat climate change. In the United States there have been laws passed such as the Clean Air Act to help. This act regulates air emissions and emissions of hazardous air pollutants. The only problem with acts like these acts are that most of the acts were passed in the mid 1900’s. There have been very few acts that have been passed in the recent years because it is hard to lobby for even more restrictions on emissions because it would cost companies more money to produce certain products. With your help we can promote problems in the environment and help to pass laws to save our planet.

According to the NRDC one of the best ways to help counteract global warming is to use sustainable energy. Some of these sustainable energy sources are things such as electric cars, wind energy, and solar power. I believe that solar power is the most useful because it takes energy from the suns rays and creates sustainable energy. One of the only problems with solar power is the affordability, it can cost up $35,000 for a 5kW system. I believe that the solution to the problem of sustainable energy is solar panels and that there needs to be some sort of legislation passed in order to make this option cheaper. There can also be more money used for research to make this more affordable because this is important to solving the problems of our future. I believe that there are many things that you can do as president to help create a better tomorrow for all.