Edwin B. New York

Immigration Policy Should Change in the U.S.

Immigrants, who are mostly Hispanic, have come to this country for better opportunities but are instead denied and returned to their own country to suffer. In which should be changed in the U.S. The President shouldn't deport immigrants anymore and should instead offer them citizenship.

Dear President, 

Throughout history, immigration has been one of the many problems the American government has faced. Many people go through such length's that no one will believe to come to this country. People leave their country for better opportunities to help out their families. Most of those immigrants are Hispanic people that leave their country or run away from problems that they may have experienced in their home country. Since this country doesn't seem to believe in giving those people opportunities or protection, immigrants live in fear in the United States.  Past presidents have deported those people who work hard for their families here and in their country. This country doesn't realize that they are separating families when they do this. The people who deport them should think about how they would feel to be separated from their family. It would almost appear to those just arriving that the United States is not free if you are an immigrant.  Most immigrants have come to the United States for protection for themselves and their whole family. The one thing that the President should realize is that the whole U.S is made up of immigrants from all over the world. If you're going to kick them out then what kind of president are you? You are the president for the people, elected by the people, and a member of the people. Instead of deporting immigrants, you should instead offer them citizenship so they have better opportunities. Most jobs in the United States are currently done by Hispanics. I urge for you, the President, to keep in mind what immigrants have done for the U.S throughout its history.