Jake H. New York

The Problem Of Wages

Dear Future President, Wages are a very big problem. The federal minimum wage hasn’t changed for over 10 years! The federal minimum wage is just $7.25. It’s been so long that some states are already doing it themselves. The government needs to make the federal minimum wage higher. For example to supply food for an entire week(for one person) it can cost to $50+. Then you also need to pay for your house, you also need to pay for clothing. Keep in mind for a cheap tiny house being rented, just the rent would be $500-$800, then add taxes. A minimum wage of $7.25 cannot support enough money to live, that would be $290 dollars a week, and $1160 a month. With everything combined you won’t be able to have anything necessary, or you will barely have anything. There is another problem with women not getting as much pay as men(in some jobs) what's the difference? A different gender can work just as hard. I feel its foolish to still not let women have as many rights as men. We are equals, we should get the same pay in the same job. If you didn’t know I am a male, still I think it's unfair towards women to not get a fair pay in the same jobs as men. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, you still need to support a family or yourself. There may not be much you can do Mr/Mrs president, but at least tell people that it's a problem… Because it is a problem, A BIG PROBLEM. Wages need to be fixed or people will live terrible lives. They won’t be able to do fun things, or have the few necessary things people need to stay alive. Food, water, shelter, clothes, the most simple things that a human needs and the federal minimum wage prevent that. We don’t want nillionaires, a nillionaire is someone with little to no money. Don’t you want people to live their lives to the fullest? Then raise the wage to something higher, even one dollar can help. Just raise it even a few dollars and you can help tons of people stay away from devastation. Sincerely, Jake Holt