Luke B. Texas

Alternative Energy/Fuels

alternative energies/fuels are more effective and cleaner than fossil fuels and non renewable energy/fuels

Alternative energy/fuels instead of fossil fuels

Dear future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where energy is clean and the people are not slowly destroying its climate because of the energy they use. The ways people obtain and use fossil fuels are slowly destroying the world's environment. Instead they could use alternative energy or fuels like solar, wind turbines or hydro power instead of doing things like drilling to obtain oil and other fossil fuels.

Solar panels can be installed on homes which generates more energy and save power and money. “Nine-in-ten homeowners said they have installed or considered home solar panels in order to save money on utility bills and 87% say they did so to help the environment.”(Kennedy, Brian ) You can't install an oil derrick on your roof to create energy, so solar panels are more effective at making energy for yourself. Also solar farms in the right places can create a large amount of energy, more than nonrenewable fuels .“Planned large-scale solar farms are expected to add 9.5 gigawatts of electricity-generating capacity… Natural gas is expected to add 8 gigawatts...”(Kennedy, Brian ) Solar power is more effective and will last longer than nonrenewable resources/fuels.

Wind turbines are another alternative resource/fuel while they're not as effective as solar, wind turbines still create power. If people really wanted to they could only use wind turbines to create power if they lived in a place with a lot of wind “A small island in Denmark is trying answer that question with a resounding yes as they power up every single day via nothing but wind power.”( AENews ) Also More people favor the use of wind turbines “A similarly large share supports more wind turbine farms (83% favor, 14% oppose).”(Funk, Cary, and Brian Kennedy ) Wind turbines are more effective at producing energy than non renewable fuels.

Hydro power is another renewable energy that is cleaner and works better than fossil fuels or other non renewable energies. “Hydro power turbines are capable of converting more than 90% of available energy into electricity, making it the most efficient form of electricity generation. By comparison, fossil fuel plants are only approximately 50% efficient”.( House Committee on Natural Resources ) Hydro power dams that are used on rivers create a tremendous amount of energy and most of the renewable energy in the U.S. “Hydro power accounts for approximately 75% of the nation’s total renewable electricity generation.”( House Committee on Natural Resources ) Hydro power is one of the most efficient renewable energies and should be used more.

In conclusion renewable energies like solar,wind and hydro power are more efficient and much less destructive at making energy than non renewable fuels. If all power is converted to renewable energy instead of non renewable the world wouldn't run out of nonrenewable resources as fast and would probably be much cleaner.

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