Madi B. North Carolina

Education: The Basis of a Nation

Education is important to everyone. Most people, however, can't afford to go to a good school or college purely because they lack the funds to attend.

Dear Future President

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.  It is the basis of a nation.  A simple change in what is taught in school can make an extreme difference in our lives as American citizens.  

One of the main conflicts in education is the expenses that must be paid to go to a good school. Many students lack the funds to attend a good school or college.  This means that they will either not go to college or get a loan from a bank, which they will have to repay later.  If the student opts not to go to college, they are at a disadvantage in the variety of jobs they can acquire.  They end up not being as successful in life as someone who went to college.  If the student chooses to take on a bank loan and go to college they will be met with endless funds after they complete school.  Along with interest, the funds will be almost unbearable.  They will follow the person around and will never leave until they are completely paid off.  A solution to this conflict would be to make colleges cheaper for students so that poor and middle class children can get the education they deserve.  

Schools and students in America need to know what's happening to our education so that we are prepared to adapt to it's requirements.  Things such as scholarly expenses are crucial to the perhaps upcoming change in our education system.