Layla D. and Autumn R. North Carolina


This is a letter and infographic about our position on women's rights and abortion. We believe the woman should be allowed to decide if she wants to get an abortion.

303 Ashe Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27606

October 27th, 2016

Dear Future President,

Abortion is a sensitive topic in the United States due to the many different opinions that people have. We believe that abortion should remain legal and become more accessible to women because there are multiple scenarios where the most beneficial option is abortion.

First, most teens are not ready to be parents. If a teen gets pregnant, she will be incapable to provide their child with everything he/she will need. According to the website for the State of Michigan, 82% of teen pregnancies are unplanned and the parents of these unplanned pregnancies have a higher chance of becoming high school dropouts and being impoverished. Guttmacher Institute reported that in 2011 about 552,000 women between the ages of 15 and 19 became pregnant. The process of having a child takes nine months and those nine months can seriously affect the young mind of a teen. The organization, Advocates for Youth, stated that as soon as a teen becomes a parent, they become subject to judgement, discrimination, and stereotypes. This bullying can damage a teen’s mental state. According to The Urban Child Institute, children born to teen parents develop normal abilities, such as communication, at a slower rate. Having a child at such a young age will throw more than one bright future away. Abortion is a valid option for this scenario, and it should be the woman’s choice. Most states include good sexual education, therefore the teens are aware of what abortion is and if it is a good choice for them.

Secondly, having children has many serious commitments for people of all ages. Recently The Huffington Post did a study, “270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children,” on women and pregnancies and this is what one of them said: ”Every year, the cost of living increases, and no one is guaranteed a job anymore. I’d rather not take the risk of having children one day and have to end up being on welfare with a college degree because I can’t make ends meet for us.” 

Many women can't take care of a child for different reasons, some being financial and others being the restraint of not being able to follow their dreams. Some women want to focus on school or work. One woman from the same study stated, “I've recently changed career paths and I love the freedom that comes with being child free. I’m now a flight attendant and pursuing my love of writing and being child free allows me to get up and follow any opportunity I feel is right. Two years ago, I decided to move to New York on a whim — something I couldn’t have done if I had children. Also — the cost of raising a child is absolutely ridiculous. I’m 33 and love kids, but I’m definitely not actively trying to become a parent.” Most women want to focus on being able to provide for themselves before they can care for another being.

Lastly, many pro-life people argue that adoption is always an option, but with the nine months that it takes to have a child, the parents’ futures will already be dismantled. Women have to take a break from work, and some jobs do not provide paid maternity leave. Teen mothers will also have to take a break from getting their education and this can affect whether they get into college or even continue their high school education. Women of all ages are affected by a pregnancy. Not only does it take away the youth of a woman's body, but it can damage their confidence. According to the article, “Does Pregnancy Ruin Your Body?” from What to Expect, having a child can leave permanent stretch marks, will make you gain more weight, and may change the looks of genitalia. Another common argument that pro-life supporters make is that the parent(s) should use birth control if they are sexually active. Birth control is never 100% effective. The only foolproof birth control is abstinence, but every person is allowed to decide if they want to be sexually active.

In conclusion, many teens and adults cannot physically care for a child for many reasons like finances, dreams, and even age. Children should not have to live through a life where they can not be cared for and can't live to their full potential. Being born to a young mother is a serious health issue that can affect both the baby and the parent. Having a kid is a huge responsibility and some parents may not be able to provide for the child due to financial situations. It is better to allow parents to choose to abort a child they know will not a have a fulfilling life. For these many reasons, we support that the right to have an abortion remains legal; it is up to the mother and should be her choice. Taking away the right to abortion is taking away a basic female right.


Layla Davenport & Autumn Raymond

Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy

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Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy


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