Hunter H. North Carolina

dear next president

there is no reason for hate groups such as KKK it is racist and they gangs needs to stop well KKK needs to stop that is basically a hate group so yeaqh

The kkk is a gang they might not consider themselves as one but it is because a gang and a hate group is basically the same thing cause if u think about it kkk doesn't like black people they are racist, gangs such as bloods, crips, and etc they don't like each other there against each other and it's not because of race they just don't get along so if people wants gangs to stop than they should want kkk to stop because they are a group of white people that dont like blacks that

are racist so you want gangs to stop than make kkk stop what they're doing. donald trump doesn't need to get president cause racism will never stop which means kkk will never stop like it should, donald trump isn't going to make america again he's going to make america worse than it is now donald trump is mean and don't care for other people's feelings he disrespects people and kids/children calling them fat ugly that's not necessary hillary on the other hand would and could be a good president if she keeps her word and don't lie and put families back together and make america better than it is now like she said. If hillary gets president she should change the rule that we have to wear school uniforms because if you think about it uniform pants is like 15 20 dollars and school uniforms is like 10 dollars when u already got clothes at home that's already bought and at your house and u can get some for christmas and for birthdays and other holidays but do u see what i'm saying you would save a lot more money if you change that rule and with the money that you saved you could have money to do stuff with and you could use the money for more technology better computers and ipads and to buy better school supplies and use it to make your school better and remodel the school if it needs it so that's why i think there's no use for school uniforms, and yes i know people said it's because people is getting bullied because of the clothes they wear i don't believe that it maybe part of it but it's not the whole reason let the people be themselves everybody doesn't need to look the same and wear uniforms that's useless so please change the rule for uniforms so we shouldn't have to wear uniforms and we could save money to help schools get a better education such as better class rooms better technology SO PLEASE CHANGE THE RULE FOR SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!