Nicole J. North Carolina


Poverty is a serious issue in America and the world. Many people in America live in Poverty.

Dear future President,

I am an 8th grader from North Carolina.  I would like to talk to you about the issue of poverty in the US.  About 14.9% of people in the United States live in poverty.  This means that more than 45 million people cant afford food, shelter, education and more. (  This is a serious issue.

One issue that poverty brings is lack of healthy food.  One way to bring more healthy food to people in need is to have more helpful organizations and to lower the price of fruit, vegetables, etc, and make it easier for people in poverty to get.

Another issue is education.  People in poverty cant always afford things that are needed in school that cost money.  Some school supply lists can cost up to $30.  Opening more organizations to bring donated supplies to kids in need can help this problem. Also, more money going to schools can help to provide extra supplies in the classroom to people that don't have any.  

Many people in poverty can't afford to buy a house and therefore don't have a place to go if its cold, hot, raining, storming, etc.  Raising money to build more homeless shelters and areas where people without shelter can go can help.  Also churches in my area have events that host homeless families and give them a place to stay.  More churches can do this and help people in their community to have a place to go if they need.

These are a few ways that we can help stop the issue of poverty in this country. Lowering the price of healthy food and making it easier for people in poverty to get, having more supplies in schools and giving people in need a place to go can all help. At the same time, opening more organizations and getting more people inspired to help also makes a difference.