Kayla New York

The Cost of College

Students pay too much for college. Education should be accessible to everyone.

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

I am writing to you to discuss an important issue known as the price of college. I believe that college students shouldn't have to pay a ton of money for an education. The reason I think this is because when students get out of college they are already in debt. How are students supposed to start their lives live that? They can't. Even if they manage to it must be difficult. Some college age people don't even go to college because of the cost. They realize that they can't sustain themselves while in debt. I think everyone deserves a decent education and the cost of school shouldn't stop people from being educated.  

   We have been a country of discovers, inventors and over all great people. If we don't change the price of college, will this continue? More than likely, it will not. A college education helps people get decent jobs or jobs they want to get. Without a college education people have to settle for the first opportunity at a job. With prices of college at an all time high it's becoming harder and harder for most people to get a college education. Which leads to people not being as smart or getting good jobs. This problem may lead to no one being able to go to college other than the extremely wealthy. Mrs. or Mr. President, I believe you can help.

  Perhaps the government could subsidize colleges like you do for public schools or you could grant interest free loans. I hope you can help with these issues by the time I'm old enough to go to college.