McKenna O. Colorado

Mr. Or Mrs. President

Letter to future president

Mr. or Mrs. President,

Being 17 years old, I am eager to see what this election holds for myself and others as we grow into successful members of society. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome will be, and which “promises” you intend on fulfilling. Of course I’ve seen the sponsored tv commercials and advertisements that might be convincing to some; but not myself. I have big plans, and I expect you to uphold yourself and the future of this country to the same standard. As a junior in high school, my peers and I are expected to know, or have considered, where we want to go to college. Not all high school students are granted with trust funds from our parents, or family members. Others will never get by working a full-time job, or using small grants earned from playing sports, or participating in extracurricular activities. Hard working students should not be turned down after 12 years of education due to the inability to pay college tuition.

After you are elected President, what tools will you provide for future generations so that they can succeed? On average one year of college tuition for a state resident attending a public college is $9,139 and private college costing roughly $31,231 according to the College Board. Currently, student loans are available to those who cannot afford college tuition, and are required to repay the government through monthly payments. Student/college loans are a great and effective resource, until a student graduates and owes thousands of dollars, with loans taking anywhere from 5-20 years to fully pay off. Considering the financial and cultural background of the millions of students who will attend college during your presidency, it is your responsibility to consider aiding them in the path to success. As president, you have the ability to reduce the price of college by increasing the amount of money given through grants and scholarships. Also, to make college more accessible to students, trade schools and community colleges should be easier to apply to and be more cost efficient. More programs should be available to students interested in college to start their own trust funds and savings accounts, as well as help guide them to a school that is financially reachable.

As students and scholars gain independence from their parents, and start branching away from home, it's important to consider their current situations. A large majority will be living on their own, working a full or part time job, and fighting to get through the next 2-4 years without drowning in the high cost of college education. By lowering the cost of college, students will not only be more motivated to further their education, but can successfully carry out their lives after college without being tied down to 20 years of college tuition fees. College and trade schools shouldn't necessarily be free, but more accessible to students. This action will not only benefit future generations, but you as well. Within the next few years, the United States could potentially see an increase of individuals carrying college degrees rather than high school diplomas or GED’s. Higher education means higher value employees for companies and corporations, as well as individuals working for you. With your assistance, the future of scholars in America have a chance to fulfill their dreams and aspirations without compromising price over potential.



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