Vanessa K. Colorado

College Tuition Increase

College tuition is increasing, leaving students unsure of their educational and vocational future.

Dear Madam/Mr. President, 

Historically, there has been a 5% increase in all college tuitions nationally. At a four-year college, the average student loan debt accumulated is nearly 30,000 dollars. The stress of college loans and cost is now a national struggle for students. So much so that it is often the premise of a multitude of jokes; it's laughable. Student debt is not only crippling, but it can, in some cases, discourage students from ever attending college. This is, of course, concerning because recently, more and more jobs require college degrees. There are scholarship options, but college should not be an option reserved for an exclusive group of exemplary students. College, and higher education in general, should be in the reach of every student, despite their background or economic status. As a high school student who is heavily considering college, I am consistently intimidated by the cost of college and, not to mention, the cost of living as a student. I have always thoroughly enjoyed school, and I should not have to consider terminating my educational career because of the potential cost of a college education. Not only does a lack of college students lead to higher unemployment rates, it also leads to a generally less educated population. As a society, we consistently belittle and degrade those who have only achieve a high school diploma, yet the idea of a college education still remain ominous and, occasionally, unobtainable. It's a paradox, and an expensive one at that. Granted, the college experience is not suited for all, but I believe that it should be, at least, an option. College should no longer be viewed as an experience only afforded to those hailing from high-income families or exceptional students. This is the land of opportunity, is it not? So why is it that a substantial amount of Americans are ultimately entirely unable to attend college? To conclude, I hope that during your presidency, you deeply consider the college system in this country and its obvious, prominent flaws. 



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