Megan Colorado

High Tuition Costs Are Affecting Our Future

Make tuition affordable to allow lower and middle class students to receive a degree without accumulating such burdensome debt.

Dear Sir or Madam,

An issue that I would like to bring to your attention is that students have to pay a lot of money for higher education, and most cannot afford the burdensome debt that comes with a college degree. Do you want all people in the United States to have equal educational opportunities no matter their income? Many in the lower and middle class do not have the opportunity to become the person that they would like to become later in life because of the tremendous costs of a college education. Universities are using the money they receive and dumping it down the drain by spending it unnecessarily. My brother is currently in college and works in a department there. When the department does not have enough work during certain parts of the year, the university still pays their employees for sitting around. They also have too many employees working for a particular job, so they do not lose the funding they are allotted to receive. The universities are using this money unwisely. They are wasting money that could be used to support the lower to middle income students in receiving a degree. I hope that you will consider this issue in more depth and address the situation during your presidency to provide an equal opportunity for all to receive a higher education without incurring such tremendous debt. Thank you for your consideration, and may God direct you during your presidency!