Katira L. Minnesota

Cheaper College

College needs to be cheaper for people to attend to. I believe that the next president can do something about this.

Dear next president,

Attending college has always been something I’ve wanted to do. The only problem is, many Americans and I cannot afford it. The Government that claims to be here for Americans, should actually be here. They should find ways to help pay for people who can’t afford college, be able to go. According to Mark Gongloff from The Huffington Post, in his Article, “You Need A College Degree To Get A Job”, he stated that “people with college degrees had a 5.2 percent unemployment rate, well below the national rate of 7.2 percent.” which shows just how important a college degree is to get a job in America. College should be cheaper for Americans to attend.

We live in a society where people are expected to graduate from high school, and then attend college to be able to get good jobs that we’re interested in. Majority of jobs are not going to look at someone with no college degree or college experience. So if we’re expected to go all go to college, why wouldn’t the Government make it more affordable? I feel it is unfair and disappointing that so many people cannot get to college in order to do what they love, and in order to be able to live more easily in our over-priced country. College should not only be affordable for the rich people. It should be affordable for people of all different classes.

Tom Lindsay from Forbes Magazine stated in his article “Sorry but ‘College is too expensive’ is not a ‘Myth’, that “A nationwide Pew study finds that 57 percent of prospective students believe a college degree no longer carries a value worth the cost. Seventy-five percent of respondents declared college simply unaffordable.” This comment makes me disappointed because college has gotten to be so expensive, that many people don’t even find it worth going to anymore. Education is so important and should be something to look forward to, but it no longer is because relating to what I have earlier said, it’s too expensive.

Another report from Mark Gongloff in his article “You Need A College Degree To Get A Job” states that, “The amount of student debt outstanding in the U.S. has quintupled in the past decade, rising from less than $250 billion to about $1 trillion, according to the New York Federal Reserve.” This just shows that no one is helping to make college more affordable, they only continue to let it rise. Sooner or later people are going to stop attending altogether if we let this stay happening. Something needs to be changed, and fast.

As the next president, I hope you can see why it’s important that the college should be cheaper for Americans to attend. I want you to have the Government help people of low and middle classes afford to go to college and be successful in life. People should be able to sign up for college assistance and be given partial money that would at least get them an Associate's degree if not more. It is important that we live in a country where people help others succeed and do well for themselves. I hope you understand.



10th Grade

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Henry Sibley High School


American Literature

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