edgar Colorado

more gun control

guns are dangerous

Dear next President

We need more gun control because now not only the criminals can get a gun. Now everyone can get a gun because now everybody and people in the government have the idea that guns are good for us for self-defense. Everyone needs to think that guns are not toys. We need to take care about the wrong people who have guns. Sometimes people are the problem and that people may be are like that because now we life in world that some doesn’t like to fallow rules and we believe that we have to protect us self and if we have some kind of weapons with us we think that weapon represent power and we can take the wrong choice. We should have more gun control because gun death old laws.

President of the Unite States, you should care about self-defense. States with the largest increase in gun ownership also have the largest increase in violent crimes. People who sells weapons they have the responsibility to whom they are selling guns. Guns in the wrong people’s hands are dangerous for every person in the U.S. Donald J. Trump said that he want to protect all the Americans citizens giving them a gun to protect them self, for me that is not the better way to protect every single person in the U.S. TV maybe could be one of the reason that people start liking guns because now most of the TV programs have some kind of weapons even some cartoons.

The Second Amendment said that nobody can make a law against the people who want to have guns. Also it protects the right of the people to keep arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791. Some of the details of the second amendment came from old constitutions; for example, the constitution of Pennsylvania of 1776 said that people have the right of bear arms for their self-protection. In June 28, 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that no state or local law may restrict the right of bear arms. The security of a state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment is too old to keeping as a law. We live in a different world. Now everything change weapons, people, violence, security. We don’t need carrying guns now for self-protect because when they made the second amendment the situation was different because it was some years after the revolution that’s why they though that bear arms was the better way to protect themselves.

Assault weapons are good for some people but not for all of them. Like in every case some people are against assault weapons. People in the government should make some different law about assault weapon and the others guns. Because some people think because they have the right to bear arms they can have assault weapons with them all the time to protect themselves. People in the government should put more new gun restrictions. That way government can control murders and people with guns.

Gun deaths are a real problem for every person because now are more people die from guns than from car accidents. In 2016 there were 1,622 accidental shootings and 515 children have been shot. We are in a time that is crazy for everyone because people are losing their main. Guns are good sometimes, like in the case of police and the military, because they need guns for their job and they know how to use all kinds of weapons. Most of the gun violence are in the poor urban areas because in those areas are more common violence. We need more gun control only use a gun when really need to use one. We need to protect ourselves with our minds to think, and not a gun to shoot.