Ava S. California

Free College Tuition

No one wants to work in a dirty McDonald's bathroom, only earning minimum-wage. But many people have no choice but to work there. Expensive college ruined them.

Dear Future President,

Imagine someone working in a dirty McDonald’s bathroom. Their life is a financial mess and everyday is a struggle for them. They could have done great things, but high-costing college was their downfall. This is a life many people live today. College is the starting point of a great job. Many people can’t afford to go to college and never get the dream job they deserve. Those who do not graduate will be turned down by high-paying companies and forced to work for minimum-wage. Their lives could have been so much better, and costly college is to blame. I believe that college tuition should be free so that people can get a good education for their future career.

The issue of expensive college affects everyone, not just the students. The children of them are being deeply affected. Since their parents are doomed to have minimum-wage jobs that provide barely enough money, the kids are doomed as well. They will live in severe poverty and receive poor education. College would be out of the question for them. Furthermore, the economy will be affected. If people keep avoiding college and work at places like McDonald's, then no one will be able to do the high-paying jobs. Big companies, that offer high-pay, will collapse. Work will not get done and the world will stop running. Lastly, the fast-food companies will get rich. People will go to places like McDonald’s for jobs, since they can’t get a better one. The fast-food corporation will get out of hand and will expand. More fast-food means more obesity. Expensive college will not just ruin students, but the world.

There are ways to solve the problem of costly college. One way is to increase the amount, variety, and award of scholarships. If there are more scholarships, then more people will have the chance at free college tuition. The variety of the scholarships should be wider, too. They shouldn’t just be for English and math. Scholarships should have a wide variety for things like culinary arts and video game making skills. This will have more students be able to win the scholarship because of their unique skills. Moreover the award, in money for college, should increase. More full scholarships should be made to help students with expensive college. Lastly, everyone will get a scholarship to do. Everyone will have a chance. If they are lazy and don't try, it is their fault that they can’t afford college. If they try their best then they will win the scholarship. This way the student has a choice at what life they want to live.

Expensive college can turn a person’s life upside down. Most people can not afford to go to college. Avoiding college will result in a minimum-wage job, since no high-paying company wants someone with bad education. They all want people who went to college, had high marks, and graduated. Those who do not go to college must work in places like McDonald’s. A job in a filthy McDonald’s bathroom is one that no one wants. Furthermore they will bring on poverty and final debt to their family. I think that college should be free so that people can take care of their families with a good job. It is everyone’s goal in life to get a good job. A good job will pay you well to help your family, yourself, and even others. You will be able to make a difference in the world and have a voice for your thoughts and ideas. What needs to be done is free college. The students must earn their free tuition by showing what they can do in a scholarship. If they really do not care and are lazy, then they shouldn’t be awarded the money. The students must prove why that they want to go to college. Those students that try their best at the scholarship will receive the money to pay for college.


Ava S.

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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