Lauren L. Colorado

The Importance of Lowering College Tuition

College tuition needs to be lowered for people who have the strong drive for success but not always the money.

Dear Future President,

College tuition should be lowered so that more hard working kids who deserve it can go to college and colleges can become more populated. If we lower the cost of colleges we will have several more kids from eighteen to twenty-four to be able to go to college and broaden their education. A college education gives you many great opportunities and helps pave a great future for you too. If there are more kids going to college then the college is getting more money which can make the campus better, they can offer more scholarships, and teacher pay can increase but increases tuition will only make colleges less populated. If colleges made tuition less money more people will be able to go so therefore they would be making about the same amount of money as if they made their tuition higher and less people.

According to several sources like Education Corner, people with college degrees make forty-thousand more dollars than people with only high school degrees. This is important because if we lower college tuition and more people get their college degrees they will get better jobs and make more money meaning less people will be at poverty level which is another large problem in our country. If you lower college tuition and we can get more high school dropouts in college you will greatly improve our country as education is one of the biggest issues in it not only because of funding but because without educated people we will have no one to make important life changing decisions. For something that can be so essential to succeed in life, college can also be very expensive. For out of state residents attending public universities, it costs them about $23,893 on average. College cost way too much for people the majority of the country, middle class people, to afford let alone them being right out of high school. People will sacrifice as much as they can so that when they graduate they aren’t drowning in debt, but when graduation comes they still have a surplex amount of debt. At approximately $1.3 trillion, student debt has exceeded credit debt and impacts about 43 million Americans all around the country. Studies found earlier this year that 43% of roughly 22 million Americans with federal student loans were either behind or had received permissions to postpone payments because of economic hardship. While students can work to help get out of debt, it is very hard for many students to work and stay on track with their workload from the rigorous classes they are taking. Only 36% of people leave college not in debt with student loans. That percentage is way too low. It would help many people if you, the future President, would help the people who struggle to make it through college. Everyone deserves the right to full education as long as they're willing to work hard. No one would be anywhere in this world without education and a strong drive. Lowering the tuition for college would give the people with a strong drive one of the most important things anyone could ever receive, the chance at a good future.