Jordan D. North Carolina

For the Future President

Then our politics become bad and other countries well have no problem taking over America.

Dear Future Next President,

America’s biggest problem is Education!

Your kids are dumb! Now let me explain. This is because politicians are getting ready of non essential classes that are in fact are important. If we begin dropping classes like english would that be okay? Take some time to think about.

Some schools are dropping subjects to push others forward.

Subjects such as art, sports and even music are being dropped to push ahead reading and math. This is bad because without these other things students don’t have a way to express themselves and also these are things people may want to do as they grow up. Other schools are dropping classes that are important to the actually curriculum such as civics and some schools are even dropping the math requirement. Now that may sound nice but you should still need to pass in order to be prepared for whatever field you go into.

We shouldn’t get rid of classes such as art,civics and especially don’t drop math.

If we begin dropping classes left and right then our children of tomorrow well, quite frankly dumb. Then our politics become bad and other countries well have no problem taking over America. People don’t realise that our youth is becoming more and more blunt towards politics. Most young people don’t care for politics even myself have started becoming indifferent towards this year's election. I believe that this year's election is a, make the best out of a bad situation, which can only end well for no one.

Do teachers have the necessary resources to teach?

Most schools that are built are still using books that they got when they were first built which isn’t bad unless you’re a dozen years into the world. The books are drawn in and pages torn out which is important because if you need the info then you need another copy just because a page or two are torn.

Using used materials such as using old laptops and used new technology isn’t what we should using it should all be brand new. Now you say that it’s because of the school budget which is fine but then shouldn’t we increase the school budget and increase teacher pay so they can be paid properly for their important services.

Teachers need to be paid more for their important services that dictate our future.

If doctors were paid as much as teachers would that be fair no because they save lives and that’s important but where do you think that that they learned to save lives from some book. How do you think kids learn about biology? They learn it all throughout their life from teachers but what if there were no teachers then would doctor still be able to save lives no because first they would no idea where anything was,remember no biology, you have a general idea but other than your going in blind.

Are students ready for what comes after high school?

80% of students graduate highschool but less than half are ready for what comes after high school. Less than half are able to fully comprehend a problem or read complex sentences. The education system is teaching them things that they may most likely use but the system focuses on things that students well never use in real life unless they go into a field that requires them to know how to do that. Otherwise when in a real life situation are you going to use pythagorean theorem? The basic requirement for any job is being able to do basic math and being able to read at an advanced level. The education system now doesn’t prepare students for college or the real world and is the reason so many kids drop out of college.

Schools are overcrowded which in turn is hindering our students success.

More students equals more distractions and less attention when help is needed. Students who may need more attention than others are at a disadvantage because they are expected to be able to catch up quickly and understand the material within the given time period. I like the idea of smaller classrooms myself because it offers a more comfortable environment for the more reclusive students who may not understand but if we have less students in each class those students well feel more comfortable and the talkers who love to be called can be called on more if they so choose.

Some people believe that education is fine that students are given all the opportunities to go college and graduate and be successful. Lots of students graduate college and are successful.

They think that the education system is working. Yes lots of kids graduate from high school. That is true it’s what’s after they can’t get through. You think you're teaching them all of the material they’ll need in life but truth is most of the things taught in the education system now have lots of impact on life outside of school. Most kids graduating from high school have no idea what they want to do with their life expect go to college. But when it comes time to apply they don’t really have that impressive of a record. Meanwhile other Continents such as Asia are filling up our colleges. You think that we’d be able to see that things are not okay and we need to fix them before our country gets into an education crisis and the whole system crashes and we go through another great depression because of lack of awareness from our leaders.

We need to add classes that teach that it’s important to become somewhat politically involved.

In short in order to provide our children with the education they need we need to increase teacher pay, add classes that raise political awareness, and encourage students to get involved in debates and invested in political matters. Think about it if we keep going at the rate we're going with each president being like Trump and Hillary how long until our country begins to falter.

P.S Thank you for your time.

Education Week

Matthew Lynch