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Change Schools start time

schools start too early for students to properly learn

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Dear next president,

According to the national sleep foundation teenagers need at least eight and a half hours of sleep each night.But with kids waking up at five in the morning and going to bed late at night most kids get an average of about six hours of sleep per night. This would be a great time for you as president to change school times and start school later.

Studies show that a adolescent's brain doesn't fully function until about 10 o'clock. Not getting enough sleep limits a teenagers ability to learn,listen,concentrate and solve problems. This could also affect a teenagers short term memory, they could forget important information like names,numbers,homework or even a date with a special person in their life.This also affects how they look.Not getting enough sleep makes teenagers more prone to pimples and acne.

Even adults have trouble sleeping at night. According to the APA 20, percent of adults say the quality of their sleep is very good or excellent. 29 percent report having trouble concentrating and 25 percent feel no motivation to take care of their responsibilities. On average adults with lower stress levels report sleeping more hours a night than adults with higher stress levels. How are kids supposed to work and learn when the teachers may not even want to be their with the kids themselves.

So next president the facts are right there, what will you do? Will you keep kids from furthering their education by not allowing them to get a full night's rest. And will teachers have to suffer the same fates as their students. This decision is up to you for the time being.

Sincerely, Tyler L.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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