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How Bad Can Education Be?

How is your education? Is it bad, or is it good? In many towns across America, education is poor, and it is hurting students learning abilities. With bad education, many students have trouble developing in school to form their future. Education is a big component in your life. If it is bad, it makes it very difficult to create a future base and grow effectively.

Dear Next President:

Education is changing quickly all over America, and it is bad in many towns. It is poor in some towns, and great in others. Education changes the lives of many people, but it is very hard to when important needs aren’t met outside of the classroom for education to grow and change. "Schools can do so much to really (affect) poverty," Anderson said. Many schools aren’t developing, and it is creating insufficient education.

Education and schooling are poor across the country in many towns. "We just needed someone who believed in us," said Jeff Arnold, an art teacher in the district. Education leads people very far in life, and it can change people’s lives. In the Jennings school district in Missouri, the schooling is very bad. The town is in poverty, and their are many obstacles that keep the kids from learning. The horrible education in Jennings leads to a poor learning environment, and it makes it hard for students to learn.

Many people can’t afford to go to school in America, and they can’t get an education. Poor possibile schools in poverty totally affect tons of towns in America. One-quarter of people living in Jennings are under the line of poverty. In Jennings, only 13 percent of people at the age of 25 and above earn a bachelor's degree. A girl in Jennings, Gwen Mcdile, was a homeless 17-year-old. She missed so much school, she didn’t think she would graduate. Many students can’t afford to go to school in Jennings due to poverty.

Lot’s of people fail to take things farther beyond education to help schools. Taking bigger steps in education makes a huge difference with schools. Tiffany Anderson arrived in Jennings school district as a superintendent a few years ago. "Some people think if you do all this other stuff, it takes away from focusing on instruction, when really it ensures that you can take kids farther academically." Anderson has started a college prep program to further educate students. Each morning and afternoon, she serves as a crossing guard on a busy street to keep children safe. Lot’s of people don’t take bigger steps beyond education. Schools and education won’t develop due to this cause.

Education is different throughout America, and it is a huge component in students futures. “This month, state officials announced that as a result of the improvements, Jennings had reached full accreditation for the first time in more than a decade.” People don’t take bigger steps beyond education, and it is impairing schools across America in poverty.



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