Blaze B. Colorado

Every Immigrant Deserves a New Beginning

We don't need a Wall of Separation, we need a Gate of Progression.

Dear Future President,

Is immigration a blessing, or a curse? People have very different opinions on immigration. Many opponents of immigration say that they take jobs away from Americans, they don’t pay taxes, and they bring violence and disorder to our country. If the United States President is willing to make it easier to become a citizen, then there is a great chance to truly improve the lives of many immigrants through presidential executive powers and hopefully that of congress as well. It is clear to many and should be clear to all that people should have easier access to United States citizenship because it would not only be profitable for them; immigrants greatly strengthen our workforce, have the potential to help settle the Nation’s Economy and National Debt through becoming citizens and paying taxes, and are only human beings looking for a better life, and a better future for their children, just as our Founding Fathers once were.

Proponents of immigration believe that immigrants take the jobs that no Americans will do. They take the minimum wage jobs that are often even degrading, that very few Americans would be willing to do at all. They are hard workers and make up a great deal of our workforce through taking these jobs and someone has to do them to keep our country running. As of 2012, the illegal immigrant population in the United States made up 3.5% of the total population in the U.S. But, that 3.5% of the population makes up 16.7% of the total United States work force as of 2015. This clearly shows that, proportional to their populations, the foreign-born people contribute quite significantly more to our workforce than native-born people do. Also, 73.7% of foreign-born people between the ages of 25 and 54 in the U.S. help contribute to the workforce, whereas only 62.5% of native-born people between the ages of 25 and 54 contribute to the workforce. Statistically, the current foreign-born population has a better track record of contributions to our workforce than our own native-born citizens. They have a larger majority of their population in the U.S. contributing to the labor force than native-born people do. Many opponents of these immigrants also say that they take jobs away from Americans. Immigrants are more likely to take jobs in human service like construction jobs, restaurant jobs, or human resources jobs. All of which are not very high paying and not necessarily desirable jobs as full careers to U.S. citizens. But, immigrants are happy with them, because it is a better life than many of them once had. On top of that, they aren't stealing these jobs from citizens, because there’s no shortage of these jobs in the United States. There is always need for another human service provider.

Many U.S. citizens are concerned about illegal immigrants because they do not pay taxes, and are receiving citizens’ tax dollars through health care and Welfare, when they are not paying taxes themselves. This is not because they don’t want to, like many rich white supremacist males don’t pay their taxes.The reason is because they are here illegally and are not citizens which they would all love to be. It is so difficult to become a citizen that they think the best choice is to be here illegally. If it were easier to become a citizen, they would all be paying taxes. This would not be an issue at all if these immigrants were citizens. So, the solution is simple, right? Have the immigrants become citizens. But it’s not actually all that simple, thanks to those who are opponents of immigration. Today, it is extremely hard to become a United States citizen, especially when you’re scared to try because you are already in the United States illegally and are scared of being deported. Saying that we should get rid of all undocumented immigrants because they don’t pay taxes is a complete logical fallacy because we are, in a sense, not letting them pay taxes by not letting them become citizens. This is a case of hypocrisy in this system, especially when there are many rich American citizens who actually cheat the system to get out of paying taxes, to make more money, like Donald Trump. These are the people you should be worried about paying their taxes. Immigrants would love nothing more than to become citizens, and pay taxes along with citizenship. We can help these people with their new lives by making them citizens, and taxes will not be an issue. Although, even without citizenship, they are still paying sales tax. They are just not paying income taxes, which can easily be fixed by you, Mr. President. If you push congress with plans of making it easier to become a citizen in the U.S., many immigrants will be able to become citizens, and will be less fearful of deportation to at least try to become a citizen. The solution is so simple, but so many still resist.

Immigrants cannot be grouped all together. They are all different people. Some may bring violence and disorder to the U.S., but many Americans bring violence and disorder to the U.S. as well. Sure, some are criminals, but some Americans are also criminals. The majority of illegal immigrants in the United States want is a better life in our great country, because their own countries are in shambles.

People want immigrants to pay taxes so bad, then make them citizens. These people don’t want them to be citizens either? Well then, what do they really want? If an opponent of immigration to the United States uses the argument of immigrants not paying taxes, then the truth is most likely that they don’t know why they want them out of the country, they just do. In my mind, this points to racism, which is and always has been an epidemic in the United States. This is a new generation with new ideas and new values and world issues, so it is about time people stop judging others based on the color of their skin. Racism has been around since the beginning of time through things like slavery, and people should stop living in the past. They should wake up and realize there is a whole new world to discover. A whole new world that people like immigrants in the U.S. should be able to have opportunity in, and a future with great potential.

In the year 1776, the United States of America was founded by former British explorers and settlers. They had gone to the land to explore and settle it for Great Britain, and formed the thirteen colonies. After not long they broke off from great Britain through the American Revolution, in which they won their independence and freedom from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776. The reason they decided to break off from Great Britain was because they rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy. In a sense, there were political issues in their own countries that led them to seek a better life in new lands, far from Great Britain. This same tale is told and relived every day by people all over the world, many of whom seek the United States as their place of refuge and a place to start new lives, just as our Founding Fathers saw the land. These immigrants in the United States that so many dislike, choose to come here because of how great our country is and because of what we were founded upon: freedom and new beginnings, immigrants from Britain and other places in Europe seeking a better life and freedom from oppression. These people seek their own new beginnings as our founders once did. They seek their own freedom from their countries in shambles, or from their oppressive governments in their countries, whatever the case may be. So, why on Earth would you be offended by these people living and thriving in the United States and following the path of your ancestors (patriotic ancestors in any case)? All American citizens should be honored that these people from all over the world wish to follow the path of our ancestors and wish to start their new beginnings in the United States of America.

So, now you’ve heard what I have to say Mr./Mrs. President. It should be easier to become a citizen in the United States, because these immigrants help more than they hinder. They make up a great part of our labor force, they are more than willing to pay taxes, they want new lives in our country of freedom and opportunity, and they want more than anything to be citizens in the United States. The most powerful person able to act on this, hopefully, soon-to-be movement, is you Mr./Mrs. President. I understand you need Congress’ approval to truly act on this proposal. But what It doesn’t hurt to propose a plan for easier access to citizenship. Everyone deserves a chance in our beautiful country.


An Advocate of New Beginnings