Capria Busnardo Colorado


Addressing why abortion should become illegal

Dear Future President,

Waking up to hearing a knocking on your bedroom door, and a grinning face of your beautiful daughter on Christmas morning. Getting pounced on like a leopard, in bed, at dawn. A happy mother and her beautiful healthy baby girl. Now only 5 years earlier think of what life would have been like if you decided to say yes to abortion at that planned parenthood. No smiles, giggles, or spending holidays with your child. These are aspects that should be taken into consideration and why all different kinds of abortion should be illegal in all 50 states.

People who are “pro -choice” believe that since it is the woman's body it is her choice to do what she wants with the child that she is carrying. Most women who are pro-choice will argue that a fetus in the womb is not yet considered a human being, but studies show that a person becomes human after fertilization. They fetus has its own DNA and develops its own heartbeat 22 days after fertilization. Therefore, having an abortion is murdering a human being which violates the 5th amendment. Also, in the Bible the sixth commandment states “Thou shalt not kill.” This includes born and unborn babies.

Most people who argue that they are pro-choice don’t know the actual process of having an abortion. A baby at or before week 20 has the ability to move their arms and legs and most importantly can feel pain. During the abortion process the fetus goes through immense pain. They also argue that abortion should only be legal in a few different cases, such as rape or financial situations. But what’s the difference? Whether the pregnancy was unwanted or wanted, what you’re doing in the long run has serious effects, physically and mentally. Some effects from having an abortion are damage of the cervix, damage to other organs, high fevers, severe stomach and back pain, and can even result in death. In the long run you are still murdering a human being.

Statistics show that in 2016 alone approximately 100,000 babies have been aborted in the U.S. In Colorado, approximately 29 babies are aborted every day. About 10% of women in the U.S. don't have the ability of getting pregnant. Meaning, adoption is always the better option than abortion. There are so many struggling woman that would be thrilled at the opportunity of having a kid. Imagine not being able to have your own baby, while there are millions of women having abortions every day.

As president you have the power to make a law or veto it and I ask for you to make abortion illegal. Not only is it murder of a human being, it is abuse to the fetus to put them through such terrible pain. I encourage you to take my letter into consideration when debating in passing this law.

Sincerely, Capria Busnardo

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