Sydney Colorado

The Next Generation

Abortion is the twentyfirst century weapon used to murder the future generation of Americans. Will you stand for this?

November 8, 2016

Dear Future President of the United States,

Congratulations on winning the election! That's an amazing triumph. And as the next president of the United States, you are going to be facing a lot of controversial policies and arguments, and one of these controversial policies that I feel strongly about is the policy on abortion. I recognize both arguments when it comes to abortion, but no matter what is used to support abortion, I can't ignore the fact that abortion is murdering future Americans.

Based on legal abortion laws, an abortion can occur after an ultrasound confirms the pregnancy. Ultrasounds can detect the baby in the fifth week of the pregnancy, but in the sixth week, the ears, nose, and mouth are formed or forming. Therefore, by the time the woman gets an abortion, her fetus is already showing signs of developing into a living being, a living American. And by the ninth week, the baby looks more like a baby and in the tenth week the child's fingerprints are developed. A fingerprint is used to identify and make unique every single one of us. But by the twelfth week, the child will have a heartbeat, which can occur as early as within the eighth week (sourced from How can one deny that that clump of cells that is growing and forming in the first few weeks of a pregnancy, doesn’t develop into a recognizable human by the time a woman can have an abortion?

I do believe that in some cases, an abortion is the safest option, like if the pregnancy is putting the mother’s life in danger, but still, the youngest premature baby to survive was only at twenty-two weeks. So if the mother’s life is endangered anytime after this period, the baby could still make it, in which case an abortion would not be needed. And if the baby were to die, then it would be of a natural death and not of a murder. In the case of a rape victim that results in a pregnancy, where the mother feels just so disgusted with what occurred that she forgets that the baby that she is carrying is half hers. It is still her child no matter how it came to be. Doctor’s need to stress adoption before abortion, especially for rape or other victims. There are plenty of young couples out there that want children, but can’t have any of their own. Abortion can cost up to $1500 (sourced from Planned Parenthood), whereas an adoption can cost up to $47,000 (sourced from American Adoptions). So basically, killing an American is cheaper than rescuing and giving one a home. We should make adoptions cheaper, than abortions, so as to make having an abortion a less than ideal option. There are around 415,000 kids in the foster system. By making adoptions cheaper and more encouraged, we could get this number down and in the process, decrease the amount of abortions occurring nationwide. We rescue the abandoned Americans and save the unborn future Americans. It's a win-win for everyone.

Please, Future President. Review what I have written here, keeping in mind that we are talking about future Americans. The next generation. This country has come too far to be degraded by murdering our own. The women of this country have a choice, a choice that they’ve always had: to deliver their own child, their own blood, with dignity and acceptance of the choices that they have made or to choose the easy way out and kill their child, their blood. Are we really going to be the country that allows for the murder of innocence? No; this is America where we believe in the rights of all Americans. Please, take this into consideration as America’s next President. For your decisions impact everyone, alive and unborn.

Sydney of Colorado

Mead High School

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