Virginia S. Colorado

Free School Tuition

How free schooling won't work for the US.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

Some people go through life and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, such as nice houses, nice cars, the latest technology. Recently they have been expecting free college. Schooling prices for college have been increasing drastically, making it harder for people to afford school. There's such a great push to make all schools tuition free. Although that seems like a simple short run solution, there may be detrimental problems in the long run. Free college would lead you to making budget cuts somewhere else in our system. This could lead us to lack of health care or lack of defense for our county. Although free schooling would lead to higher educated people to innovate the world.

Generally when students take out loans for tuition they get paid off over a 10 year period. According to generally β€œout of state tuition will cost about $23,890 per year” or $95,560 for the standard 4 years of schooling. Once you graduate college people being to receive tons of calls from the loan company asking for their money. Some people don't see it as important to pay these loans back, but when you don't pay them back it keeps the company from paying their employees, and granting money to other people.

The idea of free schooling can be detrimental to the US budget system. Free schooling means money would need to come from somewhere else in the budget. Budget cuts could possibly come from the defense , education and health care budgets . These budget cuts would bring along serious changes. According to many sources if the budget cuts affects education many of the lower level grades would be at risk. There wouldn't be enough money in the budget to run the school let alone pay the countless teachers.

This is where the idea of income tuition brackets would come into place. This means you would go to school at a price depending on your income. This could keep you from needing to find places to make budget cuts. For this to work the college would still need to make enough money to stay open. According to a University Professor makes β€œ$58,830 annually  as of 2008”. So as long as the college is bringing in enough money to pay the professors as well as paying utility bills, this could possible work.

Although there is not true solution without drawbacks to having school tuition lowered or eliminated, there are steps we can take towards it. Possibly schools could sacrifice smaller class sizes to allow for cheaper school, or make other slight changes to save money. College will always cost something, and there will always be someone who cannot afford it.Although many shy away from such a high college cost. The schooling can pay off  in the long run. I truly hope you can work on this at least slightly during your presidency to make this seeming large load easier on some people.


Virginia S.

Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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