Nicole T. Minnesota



Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on winning the election, what an accomplishment. Along with this comes many responsibilities and I believe you are up for the task. With your strong, successful background, I think you can set this country up for success and get our way in a lot of issues.

Personally, I am apart of the republican party as well, and I was happy to hear you had won the Presidency. I am excited to see what kind of changes you can make over the next few years as I will be entering college and a lot of your decisions will effect me and my family. I hope to see some of the things you said you will do and put them into action. For example, I would love to see a decrease in taxes as a working, student getting ready to pay for college, it can be difficult. 

I am a very strong believer in abolishing abortion and you are too. I am extremely pro-life as that is what has been instilled in me from my parents, faith and peers. I do not believe abortions are ethical and the killing of lives before they are even born is sickening. I understand were Hillary is coming from, but it's not natural to kill the lives of innocent souls. I hope to see a change with this in regards to Roe v. Wade. I was apart of my high school church group in school called Lakers 4 Life. It is a group that is against abortions and does what we can do to make a difference in our local area. For example, we go to planned parenthood and protest against people walking in and try to inform them of other options and the value of life. 

Trump I believe in you and I can not wait to see what you can do for this country. I have been rooting for you for awhile and I can say that this for sure will be years full of unexpected good things from our government. Thanks again for all you do and your great accomplishment of winning the ever-so-close election last night. Let's make America great again.


Nicole Tiritilli