Morgan Minnesota

College Education

Dear Future President, I believe that public colleges should have more affordable tuition. Many students want to continue their education after high school, but many are unable to afford it due to the high costs associated with college. This cost may include: tuition, textbook fees, room fees, meal plan costs, etc. Today, many jobs require a college degree when being considered for a position, but not all adults can achieve receiving a degree because of tuition costs. Adults without degrees are more likely to get fired over someone with a degree and turned away when applying. If adults/teenagers can’t/don’t go to college, that could lead to more poverty in our world. A solution for this problem is for the government to make budget cuts on unnecessary programs that are currently being funded. That money could then be used toward college tuition. With our developing country and the need for improvements on college campuses, colleges also need more money for overall costs. I don’t believe that college should be free, but I do think it should become more affordable to a wider variety of people. Sincerely, Morgan Shimek

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