Tiffany H. Minnesota


Abortion should be abolished.

Dear Future President,

My name is Tiffany and I am a senior at Prior Lake High School. I would like to write to you today to express my thoughts on abortion. Everyone has their own opinion and views on abortion, but as far as it goes for me, abortion is not something I believe in. Throughout the past four years I have gotten the opportunity to learn a lot about abortion and the pro-life movement. I am a catholic and as much as the Catholic church does not support abortion, I would like to think that even if it was not part of my faith, I would still not agree with it because abortion is such a terrible act.

My involvement with the pro-life movement really began my freshman year when I was given the opportunity to go on the March For Life in Washington D.C. Since then I have been able to attend the March two more times and I will continue to support it until abortion is abolished. While on the trips and through research I have learned many important things, one being that life begins at fertilization, therefore, abortions are killing the lives of the innocent. Everyone deserves the right to life and with such a high abortion rate that opportunity is cut short for many.

I hope that you will do everything you can to inform the citizens of our country on the major effects that abortions have on women and the people around them. There are many places out there that can help women in need and other options besides getting an abortion, such as adoption, and I hope that you, as our new President, work to create more places and work to help the women and girls of our country get the help that they need. Abortion is never the answer and I believe that I, along with the pro-life community and your help, have the power to end it.

I will be part of the generation that ends abortion.