Julianne L. New York

More laws to save lives.

Gun control laws have taken too many innocent lives. Our next President must push for stronger laws.

Dear President:

Hello, I am Julianne and I am a junior at Calhoun High School in Long Island. Recently it seems like every morning when I’m watching the news or catch a glimpse at the headline of a newspaper, it relates to an incident, where someone dies, because of guns. As I am not able to vote yet or have that much of a say in politics, I’m hoping that this letter is enough to convince you that we need stricter gun laws.

Firearms are simply way to access, whether if it’s someone buying one with the intent to do harm, or a firearm is already in someone’s house and it’s out in the open for suicidal teens, or an enraged ex spouse. Registered domestic abusers are still allowed to purchase guns? As crazy as it seems, it’s true (according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence). While I am completely aware that us Americans have the right to bear arms, even registered abusers and anyone on watch lists, it should be much, much harder to obtain a firearm. There is also the argument that guns aren’t the problem, people are; it’s impossible to prevent people from carrying out these awful actions. The simplest and easiest solution is to create laws that regulate and very closely monitor firearm purchases. Registered domestic abusers should have to wait a certain amount of time before purchasing a firearm. Anyone who has firearms in their homes already should lock up the weapon and ammunition separately. There are ways to prevent school shootings, random acts of violence, acts of terrorism, abuse, and overall save lives; let’s create and pass laws to stop gun violence.

People all over The United States are being affected by gun violence. An estimated 100,000 Americans are killed or severely injured by gun violence every year and maybe that’s just because 15% of gun retailers run background checks on gun buyers (according to “Rethinking Gun Control”). If there is a way to stop a little girl from losing her father, or a classroom of children from having their lives cut way too short, shouldn’t we be doing everything in our power to stop that?

All in all, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully consider the amazing results America would reap from regulating gun control more. While gun crimes have statistically decreased, there is always another victim, a hurt loved one, and more chances of it happening again.



Sanford H. Calhoun H.S.

Ms. Finneran's U.S. History Class

Although the news on all the problems in the country can be depressing these days, the ideas of the students in my first period U.S. History class fill me with hope and optimism every morning. I love starting my day with them! They are a group of young people with passionate ideas and concern about the future. I am excited that they have this platform to share their ideas with you and hopefully our next president!

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