Victor G. New York

Our Immigrants, Our Strength

It is important to care for those who do so much for this nation.

Dear President:

My name is Victor Guimaraes, student from Calhoun High School, Merrick, NY. I am an immigrant living in the United States. The immigration issue is important to me since it does not only affect me, but millions of people living in the United States.

The last time immigration reforms were addressed in the United States was over thirty years ago. It is time for it to be addressed again, since the number of immigrants keeps growing and growing. Immigrants bring real benefits to the American economy. Many immigrants have opened companies in the US, creating tons of jobs and increasing tax revenues. Immigrants have lived in this country for a long time, but there is still a lot of racism and discrimination against them. Some foreign policies towards other nations make American citizens feel extremely uncomfortable living with immigrants. Immigrants should not feel discriminated, since they do so much for this nation.

Some politics cause terror within the natio. The United States is a very diversified nation since its beginning. Nowadays, though, foreign policies have created chaos between members of this nation. Americans are afraid of terrorism. It makes their lives harder, it makes it harder to even get a job. A lot of immigrants are afraid of living here, in the United States, and many people are afraid of even coming here. That is terrible for the economy, since immigrants workforce brings a lot of money into the economy, and generates a lot of jobs.

More friendly foreign policies is necessary to keep the chaos down and not scare the Americans. More activities within the country is also necessary to build a connection between immigrants and Americans. It is not fair for the immigrants to do so much for this nation and still be so hated by citizens of this nation. It is extremely important to build a connection between Americans and immigrants.

I hope this letter was helpful. Thank you for the time support.


Victor G.

Sanford H. Calhoun H.S.

Ms. Finneran's U.S. History Class

Although the news on all the problems in the country can be depressing these days, the ideas of the students in my first period U.S. History class fill me with hope and optimism every morning. I love starting my day with them! They are a group of young people with passionate ideas and concern about the future. I am excited that they have this platform to share their ideas with you and hopefully our next president!

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