Amber New York

Something Needs to be Said!

Immigrants taking American jobs is an issue and we need to say something about it. Immigration and jobs are connected and thus impact the economy.

Dear President, 

Sometimes you wonder if our own president pays attention to the significant issues facing American society.  One of these issues is immigration and jobs. I am a citizen of the United States. I have a family in the Caribbean. Migration is a important aspect of my life and my family's.  Most of my family has come to America believing they would receive better jobs.  However, many Americans have made this reason for migration an issue. Most Americans say that immigrants come to our country and take all the "good" jobs and leave Americans without job opportunities. This is not the entire truth.  As President, if you could help or design a working program for these immigrants that come to America, it would prevent Americans from feeling resented or assume that their job has been taken by am immigrant seeking equal opportunity. In addition, a better working system for immigrants would provide equal employment opportunities to all citizens. For example, immigrants might come to America have a baby sitting job without any documents needed and still get paid like citizens.  A couple of people in my family have gone through this process in order to survive in America. This issue is significant and important to our nation and you as the President can take a stand and change that. Making this program for immigrants will make America a better country for all seeking employment.  Thank you for taking your time to read this.