Emilee F. West Virginia

Foreign Language Requirements

Schools should not require foreign languages.

I don’t think students should be required to have a foreign language to get into a good college. Some schools are required to have it to graduate, and it’s not necessary. We could be using those extra credits in school to be in another class, one that we want to take and that could possibly be better for our future. We could take business classes, something more worthy of our time and our credits. I’m a junior and I have never taken a foreign language yet because I don’t want it. I won’t ever talk in another language. I refuse to take one because I don’t want to speak anything but English. People come to the United States without knowing knowing how to speak English all the time and have to have people translate for them. We shouldn’t have to speak different languages just because someone from out of the country, can’t understand what we say or doesn’t understand much. There are some colleges that do accept students without a foreign language like one I want to go to. If I go to college, I want to go to a technical school. Nobody needs a foreign language for that. That is why I think we shouldn’t have to take another language to go to a good college.