CJ w. Pennsylvania

Cj's letter about technology in shcools

Ms.Dickerson Class of 2018

My name is Cj wague and i was born in Brooklyn,New York but now i live in Philadelphia,PA. Technology is all around us. We even started small but big projects to implement games into the school district.

In my ninth grade year I took a technology class which taught me the basic of coding. I start to develop the art of making coding into drawings. This was fun and help me push forward to my dream. I want to make games to and/or something close to that.

Im y tenth grade year i took another technology class with thought me inspired me with a number of ways to make coding into more of text and art together. I found that the school I attended for my tenth grade year wasn't as profound as thought.

Even though I got to use technology in school, not everyone has the same opportunity. It’s unfortunate that not everyone gets to use technology in school because it’s an important skill. The world around us is becoming more technology-dependent. This helps the teacher connect to the student and help the student better understand the world around them.

As our next president, you should do more to add technology into schools. For example, you should make every student take a technology based course. If you do this, then our students overall would experience more about electronics and grow as a group. This will help our society overall because we would have a greater understand with the technology around us.


CJ Wague