Keely j. West Virginia

Unneeded Education

classes unneeded for future

Dear Future President,

In our school system, I believe we learn things that are quite unnecessary and not necessary to accomplish our life goals. Having classes that are unwanted and that have nothing to do with our future jobs is pointless. We deserve to pick out classes and activities that interest us and have to do with our future. We all want to focus on going to college and having a job we actually like. Studying something that has nothing to do with our main concentration is without purpose. Let us go to school and pick out classes that benefit what we want to do with our lives.

Taking classes like gym, a foreign language, art, etc., should be an option not required. If we want or need a foreign language for future reference, then we should take it. If not, then we shouldn’t need it. If your interests include drawing or painting, take an art class. Our main attention should be focused on things we want to do to change the world. Our world needs to be a better place and to start that, we need to make changes. Improve our education and our future.