Sahara H.

Letter to the next President

Dear Future President, I think that you should be honest, patient, respectful, and wants the best for everyone. You should not be racist or judgmental towards other people and you should show that you care about the country. If you treat everyone with equality then most people will respect you. You should be brave, have a lot of courage, and make sure that the people know they are in good hands. People will always find something to hate about but as long as you are an overall a good leader, then most people will follow you. We need a president that wants what's best for the country and that actually does things to help us. Nobody wants a president who will destroy our country and make us feel like we are not safe. We need someone who is really smart and knows what decisions to make for our country. You should have goals you are determined to achieve and you should want to be in it for the long term. Lastly, you should be really good at communicating and also be really confident. We don't want a president who will sugar coat everything and have everyone worried because they don't know what's going on. Also, if we have a president who has a terrible past and is known for doing bad things then nobody will trust them. We want someone who is confident in not only making our country great but also confident in themselves. Sincerely, Sahara H.