Khang V. California

How schools should be.

School is a place for students to achieve their education, NOT a prison of stress and overwhelming work.

Dear future president, 

 If we all look back a few hundred years ago, cars, wooden houses, infrastructures, etc, were all old, insecure, some doesn't look as close to our expectations ,and some were not even invented but, now our world has advanced, we got trucks, sports cars, race cars, good looking houses, mansion, skyscrapers, planes, millions of things that the past didn't have, day by day everything evolves and change. How about we all look at education long time ago... students walk to schools come to their homerooms, raise our hands to answer a question or to ask question, bell rings and go home, please compare school that was then to now, it's the same, or it has gotten worst ,us students are leaving our school with homework that takes up all time that is available to us after school, all of us as human want to live our life to the fullest, each and everyone of us deserves to live how we wanted to live. I can 100% bet that if a person were to know that they are going to die tomorrow they wouldn't go to work, they wouldn't do things that society ask us to do every single day, but I'm for sure that they will go and do the things that they always dream of doing fulfill their life. For students we all want to do what we want to do, but right now it looks like after school is another school because we don't have time to take breaks from overwhelming amount of homework.