Bailey G.

Letter to the next president

Dear Future President, You as the President have to be empathetic and can't fear change. You have to be willing to compromise, bot not when it's important and may harm the country. Don't be bossy and act like you're above everyone else: be humble and have humility. You have to have a good judge of character. And no matter how weird it sounds, don't be too dedicated to your job; don't forget about your family. Granted, this job is incredibly important, but don't show up to the office at five and leave at two in the morning. The issues that you have to address and seem most important are in this country and international: ISIS, poverty, terrorists, racism, american debt, and much more. The most important of these is hard to guess, but you should start in our own country before moving on to helping other countries with their problems, such as poverty. However, issues like ISIS are a threat to not only other people in the home country, but ours and surrounding countries. Taking care of this may be the predominant problem for not only other people, but us. The problem has only increased in recent years for people acting on their civil rights such as religious beliefs. ISIS has taken over 19,000 lives and has injured 35,000 more, and taken another amount of civilians as slaves. If this is not an important issue, then it is hard to say what is.