How to Act and Climate Change

As a president you should act certain ways and also be aware of current problems with your country.

Dear Future President,

As the potential leader of this country, your citizens would expect some things from you. We would like you to be brave with decisions, but also make the best ones for your country. You should make sure that you take opinions from the people because their opinions are an important factor. Having kindness and being considerate may help the people appreciate you more, but don't use it in the wrong situations.

It is ok to show that you are concerned for things because as a president, that is an important trait. A situation you should be concerned about is global warming. There have been severe droughts and floods and there could easily be more. The glaciers are melting and that means that animals could die and become extinct. It has also been hotter because heat is being brought back to earth when it could have been lost to space.

The ways we can help global warming are by using more solar powered or electric items. We can also start recycling even more because it helps the landfills and the environment. Plants use carbon dioxide to live, so if we plant more trees in good spots, some of that carbon dioxide can be absorbed. Just one tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life. Walking or riding a bike whenever possible can help because driving only 10 less miles a week, you can eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide. We only have one planet and we should do everything we can to help keep this planet healthy.


Addie A.

Ripon High School

English I Honors

Students from Mrs. Valponi's English I Honors class

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