daniel c. Arkansas

College Debt

College is getting less affordable over the years. We need to change that, now.

Dear future president:

Colleges are costing a lot nowadays, so much that debt is going to be a huge problem. According to the college boards, the tuition cost for four-year public colleges has increased by three percent since 2015. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it will add up very quickly, and some people won’t be able to afford them easily. I know inflation is a thing, but it only increased by 0.8 percent since last year. The average family earnings, which is about 65 thousand, isn’t enough to be able to afford about $9000 a year of tuition, not to mention other needs such as housing.

Because of the rising rates of college tuition, students will be in debt for a very long time. Currently, the college debt is more than one trillion, and that is way too much. The cost of tuition should be lower so that students shouldn’t have to have more debt than needed. Also, student debt has been increased to two-thirds of every bachelor's degree graduates and about 35 thousand in debt each.

For solutions to be able to solve this problem, I’d like for more people to be aware of this problem. Also, the colleges should check which percentage of people graduate with debt so that they can adjust the tuition financial aid quickly. 

For you, the president, I'd like for you to increase the number of federal aid of any students trying to get into college. It would also help if you'd help improve on any ideas the other former presidents made before you. College is important and costs are keeping people from being able to go there, so something needs to be done about it.