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The Issue on Rising College Tuition

The issue on college prices needs to be resolved because of rising student loan debt, the future generations success with their careers, and the lifestyles of students and their families after college.

      For the past several decades, college prices have increased dramatically, making it a challenge for many to receive the education they need to succeed in getting a good career. It's important that this issue is resolved so that new generations can receive the education they need to keep making the world a better place. This issue on college prices needs to be resolved because of rising student loan debt, the future generations success with their careers, and the lifestyles of students and their families after college.

Because of these rising college prices, students debt after graduation is at its high aswell. When students have to take out loans and pay them off during and after college, the loans often take years to pay off, giving a graduate a “bumpy” start to their independent lifestyle. According to New York Times, more than ¾ of students graduate with over 25,000 dollars in debt. This debt can make it harder for graduates to have shelter, buy needed products, or pay taxes. These issues can lead to mental health issues. “Stress, anxiety, hopelessness, and sometimes depression all seemed to result as debt accumulated.”, said Kristin Magaldi, a reporter for Medical daily. All of these mental illnesses are serious and could result in poverty, eating disorders, drug abuse, or even suicide.

As we all know, it’s not possible to skip college and then become a surgeon, or any other high-skill requiring job. There are many frightening possible outcomes of high college prices continuing to stay as high as they are right now. According to a graph on New York Times, only 65% of high school graduates in the United States have plans for higher education. When comparing this graph to another graph from the Huffington Post, which shows college prices and average annual income of U.S citizens, you can clearly see that the years where college prices raised the most and average annual income lowered correlated with the drops in percentage of high school graduates attending college. With low amounts of people attending college, there are less people to fill the high skill level jobs that require people to continue development of advanced technology that will continue to make our world a better place. For example, it is said the children and young adults of today will be the ones responsible for changing the world by developing cheap, efficient, and safe renewable energy sources so that the human population no longer ruins the environment and uses all of the remaining fossil fuels in our planet. If there aren't as many people going to college to learn advanced math and science, there may not be enough people to fill the jobs, because even someone who is passionate about science or math might not be able to afford the education they need.

The students aren't the only ones affected by the higher education prices. A lot of times, parents feel obligated to support their children as they reach their next milestone in their new, independent lifestyle. They often do this by paying for part, or all of college for their kids. It is understandable that some may agree that the students should deal with the costs themselves, to get ready for their life after college, but the worst part of the students parents helping out with the costs is the fact that they sometimes take money from their savings to pay off college. This is an issue because later on in the lives of the student's parents, they might have a harder time living retired then the way they lived with a job. Even with college savings, students will undoubtedly have debt left to pay (or have their parents pay) after graduation.

The prices of college tuition need to be lowered in order to solve the issues on debt after college, the future careers of the students, and the effect the prices have on not only the student's life, but also their parents lives. It is necessary for the government and universities around the country to lower tuition prices in order to save the education and success of the youngest generations lives.

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