Kaylin R. Arkansas

Uneducated voters

As an American, it is our job to vote on who takes on the next presidential position, but if we are uneducated, is it even worth it?

Dear Future President, 

As an American citizen it is our job to help elect the right person run our country. In today's society, some people who vote know close to nothing about the person who is steps away from leading the United States. This has got to stop. If somebody knows nothing about the candidates then is voting even the right thing to do?  The real question is it it more civil to not vote, or to vote for somebody you have no knowledge about?

Voting is a privilege but some people are taking it too lightly. Some voters even make their decision off of what their peers say, and who their peers believe would be the best leader for our country. I believe the nation needs to create a mandatory test that citizens have to take before casting their vote. The test could have common sense questions about each of the candidates to prevent this from happening so often. If the person planning to vote does not make a certain score, they should not be able to vote. The voter should also have an option to go home and catch up on some information about the candidates and come retake the test before election week. 

Creating a nation wide test may seem like a lot of work now, but in the long run it will be worth it. Creating this test will ensure us that we have educated voters. It will also give the states a better chance of having a leader that knows what they are doing with their country. I hope you take this idea into consideration.


Kaylin Resconich