Andrea F. Arkansas

Dear Future President


Dear Future President,

Immigration is an issue that our nation has faced throughout many years. The United States was not just created by one person. It took the input of many different people to establish the nation we now have. In the 1600’s many people came to America from England looking for freedom. We as a nation can not now deny the immigrants the right to come to the United States and live a better life for themselves and their family.

Americans have certain rights and freedoms that people in other countries can only dream of having, and yet as citizens we often take these rights for granted. We can not forbid a family from wanting to give their family a better life in the United States. Many of the illegal immigrants in the United States went through a deadly journeys to get here for their families. There are some families with children that are citizens and the parents aren’t. Are you willing to tear that family apart because of a simple origin difference.

Economically immigrants are good for the United States. Many immigrants are willing to take any jobs therefore filling the empty employee spots. Some might argue that they take all jobs leaving none for Americans. But they work day to day with back breaking tasks only to live with the fear of being deported back to their country.

Another issue that that the United States face is that women are viewed as certain way. For example there are people the see women as housewives or inferior to men. The truth is that women can do anything men can do. In the FIFA world cup there is a section for women and there is one for men. If you were to ask a group of people, majority wouldn't even know that there is one for women. In many cases women have proved themselves to be better or at least in the same level, yet we are still undermined. 

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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