Jennifer P. Minnesota

Cost of College

This letter shows reasons why the price of college should be lowered

Dear Future President,

My name is Jennifer, a sophomore from Minnetonka High School. Without going to college and getting a second education,  finding a job that can put you in a financially stable position can be difficult. I'm concerned about the costs because it will affect me in two year. With the cost of college being so high it makes getting this second education difficult especially for new adults in the world, high schoolers. We need to find a way to make college accessible to everyone. The cost of college should be lowered to make it affordable, to cause less financial stress, and to give people the choice to go to college.

The costs of college should be lowered to make it possible for students to be able to afford the costs. After high school many students want to go to college to further their knowledge and prepare for a better job. In the article “Tution Talk: Side Effects Of College Costs, Chris Pumphrey 66% of students who go to college have a financial concern about the cost. Within the financial concern many have to take out loans that can be expensive to pay back. I believe that the by making college costs lower more people will go to college and society as a whole will grow because people will have higher paying jobs, with extra money to spend on luxuries.

People may say that we college's need the money to pay the teachers and to put into the school. But the price of college is raising about the 3.4% each year. This year the average price was $23,893. Keep in mind you have to pay that amount with the growth each year, meaning by the time I will be in college the average price could be almost $2,000 more. I don't believe colleges need almost 100,000 dollars per student for all four years of college to keep their schools running and to pay their professors. But if they do need more money they can ask the state government to fund them more. I'm not saying we need a free education like some adults think our generation wants. All I want for people to know the is the cost is affecting people's lives For example 40% of graduates delay buying a house because of the dept they are in (Pumphrey). With the dept college can cause, many people delay starting their lives until they have payed off their loans.

The prices of a secondary education are continuing to rising and continuing to make more people not go to college or even drop out. The dropout rate at colleges are at an all time high mainly because the cost is so high and students can't keep affording the price. This causes students to waste money on semesters of college without graduating and putting that cost to use in a better job. I think the cost should be lowered to give people more of an opportunity to choose whether or not they want a secondary education without having to worry about going into financial stress.


Jennifer P.