Makenna R. Arkansas

LGBTQ Equality

LGBTQ kids and adults should not be judged by their sexuality. 30% LGBTQ teens attempt suicide each year and most are age 15, suicide is a big issue and teens should not attempt it because people can't except who they are. Kids should not get bullied at school for being themselves or going home and getting abused because their parents don't except them or their parents ignoring their own children because of their sexuality. 40% of LGBTQ teens are kicked out and homeless. LGBTQ people should be able to go out in public without getting disgusted looks or people pointing because they think their "different" because a girl likes a girl, a boy liking a boy, or a person that was originally a girl but just didn't feel right as a they were so they trans gendered into a boy cause that's what gender they are happy with. Love is Love and it should not be judged.