Desha M. Arkansas

Racism in America

Many people think racism is a boring topic, but it's actually a very IMPORTANT issue.

Dear Future President,

What is happening to our world? We used to be the greatest country. Let me rephrase that, we are still the greatest country in the world, but it’s just messed up how crucial our society has become because of all this racism. Racism today is alive and well, and I doubt it will vanish anytime soon. One person’s color of skin can cause a lot of social and economical barriers in our society. It’s not just blacks; it goes beyond that. It’s everyone. I’m not saying everyone is racist, but it is easy to judge someone by the color of their skin. We have gotten to the point today to where we can’t go out with our friends without parents asking what color are they. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. We were created to love one another, not hate. So I just wanted to let you know my concerns about racism.

I am biracial meaning I’m mixed with black and white, and I have been discriminated against at least once or twice in my lifetime. Many people have asked me would I rather be black or white and my answer has always been “I like being both.” I just have a feeling that if I were to pick a side, I’d be called racist which is sad. It’s sad that we have to have boundaries when it comes to race. I wasn’t ever raised to pick a side in my race and I never will. I’m for every race.

The main issue though is that we just can’t get over how emotional we are when it comes to race. It offends black and white people when they mix races. For instance, if a white man marries a black woman. Deep down inside, our society does not approve of this. I’m totally fine with it. If God blesses you with someone of a different race everyone needs to be okay with it. Hate crimes and violence need to stop. We are supposed to be united as a country not divided into separate groups. It has gone way too far.

Racism just gets worse and worse every day. There is no purpose for all this hurt and pain. I’m just glad that I’m don’t personally face racism today, and I can live in peace. It’s just disappointing to see America like this. The main one who is hurting in all this though is God because he didn’t create us to hold a grudge for back in the day when slavery was alive and “our ancestors” were slaves, and white people abused black people. That honestly doesn’t matter at all because we are supposed to be past that. We are supposed to forgive each other. What happened to, “Love your neighbor as yourself?" I just hope we can become better and end racism, but that is going to be with the help of God of course. All I ask is that we pass some law that embraces or encourages equality. Something that would allow everyone to get along and relate and love each other. We should all be on the same side.


Desha Mobley