Aspen M. Montana


Pollution Needs To Be Controlled

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Pollution is a world-wide problem that every country faces. Pollution is everywhere; it is in the air, water, and soil. I strongly agree that pollution needs to be controlled, people need to be educated on the harmful effects that pollution has on the environment and the body. If we can educate our country on what pollution does, then we should be able to make a change, shouldn’t we?

Air Pollution, it can be caused by natural and man-made causes. Naturally occurring events are volcano's, dust storms, and tornado's. Man-made causes include, factories, and any production of products that emit pollution into the environment. I strongly agree that pollution needs to be controlled. The main difference is naturally occurring events cannot be controlled, while man-made effects can be.

There are many contributing factors to water becoming polluted. For example, factories spilling toxic waste into any water source, which infiltrates into our water and food supply. Hurricanes can cause surges in a water system and oil leaks can occur.

Soil pollution can occur just as water and air pollution can. Landfills pollute our soil by garbage penetrating into the soil. In the long run, soil that has been polluted may not be able to sustain life, such as food, trees, or grasses.

As mentioned above, pollution can cause all different types problems in the environment. Education can lead us to help resolve these issues. By learning how to take care of our environment, we can make our environment a better, safer, and healthier place.

All in all, pollution has a dangerous threat on the environment, according to “The New York Times”, pollution killed over 7 million people worldwide in 2012. If we can find some way to make production of any factory-based product and any event that emits toxic gases into our atmosphere, the world can become a healthier place.

Sincerely, Aspen M.