Adonys California


A letter to the president about pollution

We face a threat that affects our very well-being, pollution. The problems with pollution consist of climate change, environmental degradation, & resource depletion as well as other problems. According to an article by “Conserve Energy Future” we are not realizing the damage we are causing to our home and ourselves as we go on every day with our daily routines. It’s like a poison that slowly kills us and when we realize it, it’s too late.

This does not only affect our cities but our very way of life. Such as air pollution, it affects our health as it damages our vital organs such as lungs, heart, kidneys and other important organs in the long run. Another problem would be resource depletion, a prime example would be fresh water as it begins run out as we waste and pollute it. I’m not saying there is any perfect way to go about this but with simple common sense solutions such as shamming and passing laws on littering and increasing public transportation and finding a way to get clean energy would the best place to start. We need to well inform everybody about the damage we are doing. However, some to choose stay ignorant of these issues, if we go on like this we risk losing more than our health, we risk losing our home. But you will most likely say “But child oil is a big part of our economy” well as it is something we use to power our machines to make life easier such as cars, but if we keep destroying our home there won’t be a place to make money and I know that no one would be happy with that ending.


Adonys V