Crista L. Texas

Why We Must Protect Our Environment

Persuasive Letter to the next President to put a stop to pollution

Dear Mr/Madam President,

           Do you know every day trees get cut down and turned into air polluting factories? Do you know that by buying a factory made product may have created holes in our ozone layer? Yes, this is all true every day our earth suffers because of our bad choices and greedy actions.Our nation will be destroyed if you don't put a stop to pollution. You must enact a law that enforces states to minimize because pollution hurts every living being on earth, and also because of the threat of environmental degradation.

          Did you know that pollution doesn't just affect us as humans but all other living organisms as well? Yes, it’s true pollution harms plants, and animals as well. All living organisms need oxygen to breath, (other than plants of course), like how fish need water to drink and animals and humans need oxygen. If we pollute the ocean what will happen to the fish? If we pollute the air what will happen to us and the animals? The result? Organisms lives will be shortened and will suffer from these pollutions until death. To minimize pollution you must set a standard number of factories in each state so there won’t be so much pollution. You must also make amends with car companies and convince them to lower prices on electric/hybrid cars and to raise prices on normal fuel consuming cars. You must also prohibit oil from being shipped across oceans to prevent oil spills. These are just the basics, you can also pass laws to minsmere other pollutions like making schools have a minimum of 3 pieces of homework to stop light pollution. You could also pass a law on littering, (ex. If you are found littering on others property you could be fined depending on the amount of litter). So all living things are affected by pollution because all living things need a source of oxygen and they can’t live if the oxygen is polluted.

         Some people might say well doesn’t all these things require a lot of money? Well for example if a law was created to recycle all items, and because of this recycling plantations will be built and more people will be employed. This will help you reduce the percentage of unemployed people, protect our environment and it will also benefit your economy. All it costs is time and a heart to care. So environmental protection doesn’t always have to cost you, because it can help you increase your employment rates, benefit your economy and also help reduce pollution.

         Do you know our natural resources are decreasing day by day? Did you know these resources are nonrenewable? Yes, these are all true every day we are closer to environmental degradation which is the complete elimination of all natural resources. Research shows that this problem is one of the most largest threats to our earth today. Most are caused by pollution, overpopulation and deforestation. To solve these problems you must enforce laws that: limit smoking, limit fuel consuming vehicle use, recycle to reuse resources to subdue overpopulation, and limit deforestation companies. When these laws are past environmental degradation will be less and natural resources will be conserved. Put a stop to environmental degradation or else all water, air, soil and other natural resources will be soon gone forever.

        To conclude pollution hurt’s all living beings, and to solve this you must pass laws to minimize use of pollution making objects. Also by funding environmental programs/companies you gain a stronger economy, help the unemployed and minimize pollution in your nation. So why would you not want to help your nation create a better living environment? If you can make a difference in our world by funding a program or making environmental laws, how many people will be inspired to do the same? Why not help yourself and by doing so help the environment.

Sincerely, Crista

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