Emily M. Maryland

Animal Cloning

The importance of animal cloning and how it affects our current society.

Dear President,

Animal cloning is an issue that needs to be addressed in today’s society. The ability to use one creature to create an exact duplicate is an amazing scientific advancement. However, some people don't find cloning of animals necessary because it doesn't fit their ideals morally, and they think it's unnatural. Even if a procedure is unnatural, this doesn't mean that the power of science should be kept from humans. In this letter, I will explain to you how animal cloning can change the world in a better way.

There are many reasons that animal cloning should become an important part of science. One of the reasons is that cloning animals can bring an extinct species back to life, so that we con study how specie evolved. Scientists are finding more and more ways to use cloning and if they just try hard enough, there could be a possibility of that happening. In "Reviving Extinct Species Is a Mammoth Task," Buist writes that animal cloning can “help boost animal conservation” and possibly prevent an animal from becoming extinct. This can help the ecosystem work in the way that it should. There is also nothing more amazing than the ability to bring an entire species back to life. Wooly mammoths and many other animals can be studied and there is so much more knowledge out there that humans can discover about how these organisms once lived.

The science of animal cloning has helped spread our fight against major diseases and day to day problems. With animal cloning came cell cloning. In "The Stem Cell Debate: Should Necessity Trump Ethics?," it is stated that “many human disorders can be cured by cell-replacement process.” Diseased cells can be replaced. This has created a new era of medical technology where almost any disease can be studied for its cells, and thus diseases eventually may be cured.

These medical advancements, along with animal cloning, can increase our understanding of the society in which we live. Whichever side someone may support, there is no denying that there are many ways to explore animal cloning. I hope this letter will help guide the path for future cloners and scientists.


Emily M.