Abby L. Minnesota

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing needs to be reevaluated immediately.

Dear Future President,

Standardized tests are a part of school that I have always disagreed with. They have been a part of American education since the mid-1800’s. Many students would agree that these standardized tests should not be included in our education but there are people that think differently.

I believe that standardized testing is not helping Americans improve their education. In the article “Is the Use of Standardized Tests Improving Education in America?”, on it is reported in 2002 that the questioning of standardized testing started when the No Child Left Behind Act was passed. They were designed to raise the standards of students. In my opinion, these tests have too much importance considering student’s haven’t been taught it all. It isn’t our fault that our teacher’s haven’t given us the correct information for the standardized tests. Everyone has a different opinion, but there will always be disagreement on this issue.

There is also the fact that there are some flaws in the test system. It has been proven that the test scores can be changed tremendously by the amount and kind of instruction given. Standardized testing only can show a small amount of strengths and weaknesses. These tests have a bigger impact than they should on student’s future.

Overall, I feel that taking these standardized tests are too much of a disadvantage to students than an advantage. They do not have the ability to measure all the knowledge of students. I believe that they should either be improved or wiped out completely. These standardized tests shouldn’t have the power or control to define a student. I think the tests should have only the information the students have learned or not be taken at all. I hope you will take this issue into consideration.


Abby Ludwig, Grade 10, Mendota Heights, MN